2024 Spring Appeal – “This is My Body… This is My Blood.”

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A Reflection on the Hail Mary

By Michael V. Buttino
Director of Technology at The Station of the Cross

Hail Mary…most wonderful heavenly mother.

Full of Grace… that comes from God, who so loved the world that He gave His only son… who died for our sins on a wooden cross.

The Lord is with thee… You hold him in your heart. He is held within your womb… The first monstrance, that carried the body of Christ, that when eaten, saves us, like manna falling from the sky.

Blessed art thou among women… So tender, so compassionate… My heart leaps for joy at the sight of you and your son. You wrap your motherly arms around me Always promising your love and motherly protection.

And blessed is the Fruit of thy womb, Jesus… Who is the fruit, crucified on the tree, redeeming us for the fruit that we stole from it.

Holy Mary, Mother of God… The God who created the entire universe. The God of everything seen and unseen. The God who knows all our thoughts, worries, and desires, even before we ask…yet still yearns for us to ask.

Pray for us sinners… Mary…please present me to your son Jesus. I’m sorry for my sins Jesus. Take my sins upon your cross.. Lead me to your saving grace in your most holy sacraments.

Now… as I struggle today against sin,

And at the hour of my death… my judgement time. at my final moments, please pray for me Mary. Ask that God not look upon my sinfulness but on the sacrifice of His son, and my savior, Jesus Christ.

Thank you for hearing me, Lord.


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