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St. William of Ebelholt

Saint William of Ebelholt

Abbot & Confessor

William was born to a noble French family in Paris, in the early twelfth century. He studied under his uncle, an abbot, was ordained a subdeacon, and became a canon of the Abbey of St. Genevieve, where that patroness of Paris had often prayed and where her relics were kept. The abbey was suppressed and most of St. Genevieve’s relics destroyed during the diabolical French Revolution. William’s piety unfortunately roused the envy and resentment of his fellows, and they arranged to assign him to a related church far outside Paris. Pope Bl. Eugenius III reformed the Abbey soon afterwards, however, and William was made sub-prior of the new and much more devout community. William’s saintly reputation led him to travel to Denmark at the request of Bishop Absalon, who appointed William the abbot of Eskille. Despite many hardships, William upheld the bishop’s reform of the monastery, though he eventually moved the monks to Ebelholt. He died a holy death on Easter Sunday in the year of Our Lord 1203, and many miracles at his tomb ensured that he was canonized just twenty-one years later.


Traditional Roman Martyrology for April 6th

AT Rome, the birthday of blessed Sixtus, pope and martyr, who governed the Church in the time of the emperor Adrian. Under Antoninus Pius, he joyfully endured a corporal death in order to gain Christ.

In Macedonia, the holy martyrs Timothy and Diogenes.

In Persia, one hundred and twenty holy martyrs.

At Ascalon, the holy martyrs Platonides and two others.

At Carthage, St. Marcellin, who was slain by the heretics for defending the Catholic faith.

At Rome, pope St. Celestin, who condemned Nestorius, bishop of Constantinople, and put Pelagius to flight. It was also by his authority, that the holy ecumenical Synod of Ephesus was convoked against Nestorius.

In Ireland, the holy bishop Celsus, who preceded blessed Malachy in the episcopate.

In Denmark, St. William, an abbot renowned for his saintly life and miracles.

℣. And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.

℟. Thanks be to God.

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