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St. Perpetuus of Tours

Saint Perpetuus of Tours

Bishop & Confessor

Perpetuus was born in the fifth century, to a noble French family. Among his relatives were his predecessor as Bishop of Tours, St. Eustachius, and also his successor, St. Volusianus. Perpetuus was made bishop of that venerable see around the year 460, and spent the next three decades encouraging the sanctity of his flock by every means. He required fasting on most Wednesdays and Fridays throughout the year, with the exception of festive seasons after Easter, Christmas, and the feast of St. John the Baptist. In an early observance of what would become Advent, he added a third fasting day each week between Martinmas, the November 11th feast of St. Martin, and Christmas. Perpetuus honored his great predecessor, St. Martin of Tours, with a new church large enough to handle the many pilgrims who came seeking miracles at St. Martin’s tomb. Though he possessed great wealth and property through his family inheritance, he left nearly all he owned to either the diocese or the poor, whom he directly named his heirs in his humble last will. He died in the year of Our Lord 490 or 491, hailed as a true successor and imitator of St. Martin.


Traditional Roman Martyrology for April 8th

AT Alexandria, in the time of the emperor Maximian Galerius, the martyr St. AEdesius, brother of the blessed Apphian. Because he reproved the wicked judge publicly for delivering to corruptors virgins consecrated to God, he was arrested by the soldiers, exposed to the most severe torments, and thrown into the sea for Christ our Lord.

In Africa, the holy martyrs Januarius, Maxima, and Macaria.

At Carthage, St. Concessa, martyr.

The same day, the commemoration of the Saints Herodion, Asyncritus and Phlegon, who are mentioned by the blessed apostle Paul in his epistle to the Romans.

At Corinth, the bishop St. Denis, who instructed not only the people of his own city and province by the learning and unction with which he preached the word of God, but also the bishops of other cities and provinces by the letters which he wrote to them. His veneration for the Roman Pontiffs was such that he used to read their epistles publicly in the church on Sundays. He lived in the time of Marcus Antoninus Verus and Lucius Aurelius Commodus.

At Tours, the holy bishop Perpetuus, a man of wonderful sanctity.

At Ferentino, in Campania, St. Redemptus, bishop, mentioned by pope St. Gregory.

At Como, St. Amantius, bishop and confessor.

℣. And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.

℟. Thanks be to God.

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