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St. Paul of Constantinople

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Saint Paul of Constantinople

Bishop & Martyr

Paul was born in Thessalonica in the late third or early fourth century. St. Alexander, bishop of Constantinople, chose Paul as his successor in that see. Paul was an excellent preacher, and fiercely defended the Catholic faith against the Arians. The heretics succeeded in exiling Paul to the West on false charges. He was aided there by the Western Emperor Constans, son of Constantine, and Ss. Athanasius and Maximinus. Eventually Paul returned to Constantinople, and regained his see upon the death of the Arian usurper. But after further unrest, the Eastern Emperor and Arian sympathizer Constantius, brother of Constans, had Paul banished again, until the bishop was allowed to return thanks to the influence of Constans. Upon the Western Emperor’s assassination, Paul was deposed once more, smuggled out of Constantinople by the Arians to avoid interference from Paul’s loyal flock. This time, Paul’s heretical enemies imprisoned him in Armenia and left him to starve to death. When they found the bishop still alive after many days without food, they strangled him to death, in the year of Our Lord 350. The Eastern Church honors him on November 6th.


Traditional Roman Martyrology for June 7th

AT Constantinople, the birthday [into heaven] of St. Paul, bishop of that city. For the Catholic faith, he was often expelled from his see by the Arians, and restored to it by the Roman Pontiff, St. Julius. Finally, the Arian emperor Constantius banished him to Cucusum, a small town of Cappadocia, where, by the machinations of the Arians, he was barbarously strangled, and thus departed for the heavenly kingdom. His body was conveyed to Constantinople with the greatest honor, in the reign of emperor Theodosius.

In Egypt, St. Licarion, martyr, who was lacerated, scourged with heated iron rods, and, after other horrible torments, was crowned with martyrdom by a stroke from the sword.

At Cordova, the holy martyrs Peter, priest, Wallabonsus, deacon, Sabinian, Wistremundus, Habentius, and Jeremias, monks.

In England, the abbot St. Robert, of the Order of Citeaux.

℣. And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.

℟. Thanks be to God.

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