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St. Gabriel the Archangel

Saint Gabriel


Gabriel, whose name in Hebrew means “strength of God”, was the archangel chosen to announce the Incarnation of Our Lord Jesus Christ to the Blessed Virgin Mary, as related in the Gospel of Luke. Gabriel also appeared to St. Zachary to announce the birth of the Holy Precursor, St. John the Baptist. Gabriel appears by name twice in the Old Testament, both times assisting the holy prophet Daniel. Tradition also attributes to Gabriel the destruction of Sodom, among other actions, and many considered Gabriel to have been the angel that appeared to St. Joseph in his dreams, and to the shepherds on Christmas Night. As the heavenly messenger entrusted with the greatest message of all, Gabriel is hailed as a patron of postal workers, telephones, television, and all other methods of communication, including, of course, radio. Gabriel is honored along with Raphael and all other angels on Michaelmas, the feast of St. Michael, on September 29th, but in the traditional calendar his own feast is celebrated today, the day before the feast of the Annunciation, as mandated by Pope Benedict XV.


Traditional Roman Martyrology for March 24th

AT Rome, the holy martyrs Mark and Timothy, who were crowned with martyrdom under the emperor Antoninus.

In the same city, St. Epigmenius, priest, who consummated his martyrdom by the sword, in the persecution of Diocletian, under the judge Turpius.

Also, at Rome, in the time of Julian the Apostate, the passion of blessed Pigmenius, a priest, who was killed for the faith of Christ, by being precipitated into the Tiber.

At Caesarea, in Palestine, the birthday of the holy martyrs Timolaus, Denis, Pausides, Romulus, Alexander, another Alexander, Agapius, and another Denis, who merited the crown of life by being beheaded in the persecution of Diocletian, under the governor Urban.

In Mauritania (Barbary), the birthday of the saintly brothers Romulus and Secundus, who suffered for the faith of Christ.

At Trent, the martyrdom of the holy child Simeon, who was barbarously murdered by the Jews. He became celebrated for many miracles.

At Synnadas, in Phrygia, St. Agapitus, bishop.

At Brescia, St. Latinus, bishop.

In Syria, St. Seleucus, confessor.

℣. And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.

℟. Thanks be to God.

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