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St. Eulogius of Córdoba

Saint Eulogius of Córdoba


Eulogius was born in the ninth century to a wealthy family in Córdoba, when that city was the capital of the Moors in Spain. He was educated by priests during a more tolerant period of Muslim rule, when the Christians were heavily taxed rather than martyred. An excellent student, Eulogius became a priest himself, as well as a teacher. In the year of Our Lord 850, a persecution broke out in response to Christian preaching against Islam, and the clergy of Córdoba were imprisoned. Eulogius was a great minister to his fellow prisoners, and wrote an Exhortation to Martyrdom to the virgin martyrs Flora and Maria. Through the intercession of these two martyrs Eulogius and many others were released, though the persecution continued for years with several more Christians martyred. Eulogius encouraged them all in his writings. He was chosen to succeed the Archbishop of Toledo, but before he could be consecrated, he was arrested for sheltering St. Lucretia from her Muslim parents. As he refused to cease preaching during his scourging, the joyful Eulogius was beheaded, on March 11th in the year of Our Lord 859. St. Lucretia followed him to heaven four days later.


Traditional Roman Martyrology for March 11th

At Carthage, the holy martyrs Heraclius and Zosimus.

At Alexandria, the passion of the Saints Candidus, Piperion, and twenty others.

At Laodicea, in Syria, during the persecution of Diocletian, the holy martyrs Trophimus and Thalus, who obtained crowns of glory, after undergoing many severe torments.

At Antioch, the commemoration of many holy martyrs, some of whom by order of the emperor Maximian were laid on redhot gridirons, not to be burned to death, but to suffer a longer time; others were subjected to different horrible torments, and won the palm of martyrdom.

Also, the Saints Gorgonius and Firmus.

At Cordova, Saint Eulogius, a priest, who deserved to be associated with the martyrs of that city, in the persecution of the Saracens, because in writing of their combats for the faith, he had envied their happiness.

At Sardis, the bishop St. Euthymius, who was banished by the Iconoclast emperor Michael for the worship of holy images. He consummated his martyrdom during the reign of Theophilus.

At Jerusalem, the bishop St. Sophronius.

At Milan, St. Benedict, bishop.

In the diocese of Amiens, the abbot St. Firmin.

At Carthage, St. Constantine, confessor.

At Babucum, in Campania, St. Peter, confessor, renowned for miracles.

℣. And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.

℟. Thanks be to God.

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