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St. Claude de la Colombière

Saint Claude de la Colombière


Claude was born to a noble French family in the year of Our Lord 1641. He entered the Society of Jesus at the age of seventeen, and became a teacher after completing his studies. After his ordination, Claude gained a reputation as an excellent preacher. In 1675, Claude was made the rector of a Jesuit community next to a monastery of the Visitation Sisters. He became spiritual advisor to the nuns there, one of whom was St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, who was suffering at the hands of those who rejected her accounts of private revelations from Christ. Claude swiftly came to believe in the validity of these revelations, and he eagerly defended Margaret Mary and promoted the Sacred Heart devotion. He continued to advise Margaret Mary by letter when he was sent to England the next year, where he served as preacher to the Catholic wife of the future King James II. He was a zealous public witness in England, until his imprisonment during the anti-Catholic hysteria caused by the false “Popish Plot” invented by Titus Oates. Claude’s connections to the court saved his life, but he was exiled back to France, with his health ruined. Claude died in 1682 at just forty-one years of age, leaving behind many spiritual writings.


Traditional Roman Martyrology for February 15th

AT Brescia, in the time of the emperor Adrian, the birthday of the holy martyrs Faustinus and Jovita, who received the triumphant crown of martyrdom after many glorious combats for the faith of Christ.

At Rome, St. Craton, martyr. A short time after being baptized with his wife and all his household by the holy bishop Valentine, he was put to death with them.

At Teramo, St. Agape, virgin and martyr.

Also, the birthday of the holy martyrs Saturninus, Castulus, Magnus, and Lucius.

At Vaison, in France, St. Quinidius, bishop, whose death was precious in the sight of God, as is shown by frequent miracles.

At Capua, St. Decorosus, bishop and confessor.

In the province of Valeria, St. Severus, a priest, of whom St. Gregory says, that by his tears he recalled a dead man to life.

At Antioch, St. Joseph, deacon.

At Clermont, in Auvergne, St. Georgia, virgin.

℣. And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.

℟. Thanks be to God.

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