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Popes Ss. Soter & Caius

Saints Soter & Caius

Popes & Martyrs

These two holy pontiffs have shared a feast day in the Roman Rite for hundreds of years. Soter succeeded Pope St. Anicetus around the year of Our Lord 167. His reign was marked by great charity and almsgiving, not only in Rome itself but directly to other churches throughout the Empire. Soter also opposed the heresy of Montanism, which falsely claimed new prophets who spoke while undergoing supposed spiritual ecstasies. Soter was martyred around the year of Our Lord 174. Caius was possibly a native of Dalmatia, and was said to be a relative of both the Emperor Diocletian and Ss. Gabinus & Susanna. He succeeded Pope St. Eutychian in the year of Our Lord 283, and encouraged St. Sebastian and many other martyrs in their trials. Caius ordered that to be consecrated, all bishops must proceed through the minor and major orders, those being porter, lector, exorcist, acolyte, subdeacon, deacon, and priest. This pontiff’s reign concluded in 296, with his great sufferings under persecution and exile earning him the title of martyr.


Traditional Roman Martyrology for April 22nd

AT Rome, on the Appian way, the birthday of St. Soter, pope and martyr.

In the same city, pope St. Caius, who was crowned with martyrdom, under the emperor Diocletian.

At Smyrna, the Saints Apelles and Lucius, who were among the first disciples of Christ.

The same day, many holy martyrs who, the year following the death of St. Simeon, and on the anniversary of the Passion of our Lord, were put to the sword for the name of Christ throughout Persia, under king Sapor. Among those who then suffered for the faith were the eunuch Azades, a favorite of the king; Milles, a bishop renowned for sanctity and miracles; the bishop Acepsimas, with one of his priests named James ; also Aithalas and Joseph, priests; Azadan and Abdiesus, deacons, and many other clerics ; Mareas and Bicor, bishops, with twenty other bishops, and nearly two hundred and fifty clerics; many monks and consecrated virgins, among whom was the sister of St. Simeon, called Tarbula, with her maid-servant, who were both killed in a most cruel manner by being tied to stakes and sawed in twain.

Also in Persia, the Saints Parmenius, Helimenas and Chrysotelus, priests, Lucas and Mucius, deacons, whose triumph is related in the Acts of Saints Abdon and Sennen.

At Alexandria, the birthday of the martyr St. Leonides, who suffered under Severus.

At Lyons, in the persecution of Antoninus Verus, St. Epipodius, who was arrested with Alexander, his companion, and after undergoing severe torments, consummated his martyrdom, by decapitation.

At Sens, St. Leo, bishop and confessor.

At Anastasiopolis, St. Theodore, a bishop renowned for miracles.

℣. And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.

℟. Thanks be to God.

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