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5 Ways Catholic Radio Plays a Key Role in Spiritual Warfare

“For we are not contending against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places” (Eph 6:12).


In the battle against the flesh, the world, and the devil, particular attention is often given to what is taken in through the eyes. But what about the ears? Have you reflected on what you are listening to lately? Here are five ways that Catholic radio plays a key role in spiritual warfare:


  1. Catholic Radio is a Weapon in the Airwaves to Combat Error


In the Garden of Eden, “…the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was a delight to the eyes…” (Gen 3:6) But what happened before that? The serpent spoke to Eve. She questioned God’s goodness after she listened to the words the serpent whispered in her ear.


There is no shortage of distractions in today’s world. Secular radio programs oftentimes whisper confusion or shout contradiction to what God has revealed to His people. By choosing Catholic radio, you are engaging in battle. You are listening to truth and directing your mind and heart to Jesus.


  1. Proclaiming the Truth is the Mission of Catholic Radio


The great commission is for all followers of Jesus Christ, even those who are shy or not gifted speakers. Catholic radio exists to evangelize all people. You will be more equipped to share your faith if you listen to it.


Sometimes programming may “coincidentally” come at just the right time to make a difference in your life. Other times, after the words of hosts and guests make their way into your mind and heart, the Holy Spirit may speak through you to others.


Catholic radio aims to speak the truth in love. Since Satan is the prince of this world and the father of lies, we need to be filled with the truth not just to defend ourselves spiritually, but to light the darkness for others.


  1. Catholic Radio Provides Special Mentors for You


Just as the twelve apostles needed Jesus to teach and mentor them, today’s Catholics need friends further along on the journey. The hosts and guests on programs seek to help you understand Church teachings so you can apply them to your life. Their expertise in a variety of topics and insights from their personal lives of prayer can be a joy and comfort when you feel stressed, confused, or lonely.


In particular Mother Miriam is a consoling voice of truth who guides listeners through the trials of everyday life while always pointing with hope to Jesus. You can listen on The Station of the Cross weekdays at 10 am Eastern and watch her broadcasts at LifeSiteNews.


  1. The Mass is a Daily Encounter with Jesus 


Jesus comes to all through the daily broadcast of the Mass. The holy sacrifice of the Mass is a powerful form of worship and the greatest prayer of the Church.


There are several ways to connect with God when you are unable to attend in person. You can pray for God’s mercy, listen to His Word, and make a Spiritual Communion. Every day the Mass is heard around the world. Tuning in is a reminder of  Christ’s triumph over sin and death. As we reflect on His sacrifice and the promise of eternal life we are strengthened for spiritual battle.


  1. Catholic Radio Invites You to Pray with Others

In addition to praying the Mass through listening, there are several opportunities to pause and pray throughout the day.  The Liturgy of the Hours, The Most Holy Rosary with Mother Angelica and the Poor Clares of Adoration, and Quiet Waters Holy Hour featuring the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet are just a few that The Station of the Cross provides to strengthen souls for the spiritual battle.


If you feel alone in your struggles or wish to pray thanks for God’s grace, these times of prayer instill a rhythm of reflection. You focus on what is truly important: the pursuit of Heaven. Click here to find the above – mentioned prayers and more.


Let The Station of the Cross Help You in Spiritual Battle


God has given us tools to be on the defensive and offensive as we engage in spiritual warfare.. Catholic Radio helps us in this battle by instructing us about the Truth, connecting us with like-minded Catholics, and fostering a life of prayer.


Keep The Station of the Cross with you throughout the day! Listen live at thestationofthecross.com or by download the iCatholicRadio app on your tablet or mobile device.


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