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Stations of the Cross 2022: The Power of Prayer

While many, typically Catholics, turn to this traditional prayer during the 2022 Lenten season, praying the Stations of the Cross is a moving and powerful experience for anyone to turn to at any point throughout the year.

The Stations of the Cross allow us to pause and meditate on the sacrifice of Christ, following His journey from the time He is condemned to death till His resurrection. 


For many Catholics, the stories contained in each of the fourteen stations are known, and yet, there is a greater depth available for each of us as we seek a greater understanding. 


When we choose to live our faith on the surface and are content to stay with a shallow understanding of the power of the life of Christ, we miss out on the rich, life-changing Truth contained in these moments. 

Through this set of articles, we hope to encourage Catholics across the nation to dive into praying the Stations of the Cross in 2022.


We are believing that every person will find a new trust in God and a new way to create hope and passion in their hearts for their own journey of faith. 

Seeing Christ’s journey helps us put our trust in Him

When we follow Christ’s obedience to the will of God and watch as He fulfills every promise He made, we remember that He will never disappoint us. When we see the power of His love for us, we know that in every season, we can find mercy as we choose to believe.


The obedience of Christ speaks of His steadfast and faithful character. The Holy Scriptures say that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8). Because of this Truth, we can see that Christ will be faithful and steadfast for us. He is always there to help us, to intercede for us, to stand in the gap for us. No believer will ever have to walk their life of faith without a Rock to hope in.

Through prayer, the story becomes personal

As we walk through each of the stations, we are invited to make the story personal. By allowing ourselves to meditate on the experience of Pilote, Simon Peter, Mary, the disciples, etc, we will see each moment in a new light. By making the story personal, we stand in a new prayer posture and allow the impact of the Stations of the Cross to reach us at a deeper level. 


It is only when we make the Scriptures personal that we see how relevant they are for our lives and receive the hope that the actions of Christ on the cross will give us for today.

In our prayers, we remember that Christ is with us

Jesus Christ conquered the pain and suffering of His death on the Cross. This becomes a powerful reminder that because He overcame, we can also overcome. The life and power of Christ resides within every believer. As we pray through the Stations of the Cross, we are reminded of His arms that are open to us. Seeing the mercy of Christ helps us to rely on His strength, and not our own, as we face our own journey of faith.

The love of Christ empowers us to love

Without the love of Christ alive in our hearts, we do not have the power to love. When we watch the suffering of Christ on the cross and see the love He has for His people, it awakens love within our hearts. Through this awakening, we are empowered to bless others with compassion and mercy. We see those in our lives, including those who have wronged us or those who are suffering, through a new perspective. The love we have for one another, as the united Catholic Church across the globe, is a light for all the world to see.


A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.

John 13:34

Click here for a downloadable PDF and guide to pray.


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