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Who is Fr. Robert McTeigue?

For many Catholics, living their faith in our post-Christian culture has proven to be challenging on many levels.

As host of The Catholic Current, broadcast weekdays at 5 pm ET on The Station of the Cross Catholic Media Network, Jesuit Fr. Robert McTeigue explores the question: Where is Christ in our broken world? Featuring guests from the Church, politics, academia, the arts and the sciences, Fr. McTeigue applies timeless truths to timely topics, bringing Christ to the world and the world to Christ.

Listeners are treated to robust discussions that unpack relevant topics, enabling them to come away with time-tested perspectives that align with the Catholic Faith and provide inspiration for proclaiming Christ’s presence in our world.

In the midst of an overwhelmingly secular media, Catholics have found it increasingly difficult to understand and articulate a God-centered mindset and world view.  Fr. McTeigue and his guests provide the resources needed to overcome rampant secularism and find Christ.

Unambiguously Catholic, Fr. McTeigue offers timely and relevant messages that enable listeners to understand, live and share the perennial wisdom of the Church.

Fr. McTeigue’s voice is a refreshing change in a culture dominated by political correctness and moral relativism. With wit and wisdom, he enlightens and challenges listeners with truthful principles, helping them to make Christ known in their families, workplaces, and communities.

Formed in the tradition of St. Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus, Fr. McTeigue has extensive experience in spiritual direction, retreat ministry, and religious formation.

Fr. McTeigue is a member of the U.S. Eastern Province of the Society of Jesus and the National Ethics Committee of the Catholic Medical Association. A professor of philosophy and theology, he has taught and lectured in North and Central America, Europe and Asia, and is known for his classes in both rhetoric and medical ethics.

Fr. McTeigue’s recently published book Christendom Lost and Found: Meditations for a Post Post-Christian Age explains the cultural collapse in the aftermath of the modern rejection of Christ. It offers meditations on retrieving and renewing a Christ-centered culture, enabling readers to learn how we can build a new Christendom that does justice to what our ancestors entrusted to us and to what our posterity deserve from us.

His previous book, Real Philosophy for Real People: Tools for Truthful Living, makes philosophy accessible to the layperson and is available from Ignatius Press and Amazon. His first book, I Have Someone to Tell You: A Jesuit Heralds the Gospel, offers a collection of his homilies as well his reflections on preaching, and is available at Amazon in both paperback and electronic form.

Father McTeigue’s other writings can be found in Aleteia, Crisis, Legatus, Magnificat, and New Oxford Review, with articles soon to be released via Touchstone Magazine and Homiletic & Pastoral Review.


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