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Finish Lent Strong: 4 Catholic Radio Programs to Assist You

We have seasons in life when we start and finish our Lent with perseverance. Other times challenges distract us and we are sidetracked, then derailed. It’s important to remember that the goal isn’t to just complete a fast. Lent is an invitation to draw closer to the heart of Our Lord.


“The purpose of Lent… is to keep alive in our consciousness and

                        our life the fact that being a Christian can only take the form of

                        becoming a Christian ever anew; that is not an event now over and

                        done with but a process requiring constant practice.”


                                                                        Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI)

                                                                        From his book Dogma and Preaching


Whether you need encouragement to hang in there until Easter Sunday, or you need to readjust and start again, you can still finish strong! Here are four Catholic radio programs to assist you:



  1. Sermons for Everyday Living, Monday-Friday, 6 a.m.

Encore Presentations:

Monday-Friday 12 a.m.

Saturday & Sunday 6 a.m.


Sometimes our good intentions are to read Scripture through Lent or study through a particular devotional, but we fail. Sermons for Everyday Living is a great alternative. You can begin every day of the week with an inspiring sermon from a knowledgeable and faithful priest.


The sermons are aligned with the liturgical year. They will be relevant to Gospel readings, the monthly devotion, seasons in the Church, and holy days.


If you miss the original air time, you can go to thestationofthecross.com and use the dropdown menu to find the program. There you can scroll through titles of recent programs to listen on demand. Some of these include:


  • “St. Paul, Our Guide for Lent”
  • “Conquer Technological Idolatry”
  • “You Are Dust & to Dust You Shall Return”
  • “Lent and Spiritual Armor”


You can also use the search bar to find a topic of interest. With about 100 to choose from, we are sure you will find one that inspires and challenges you during the remaining days of Lent.



  1. The Catholic Current, Monday-Friday 5 p.m.

Encore Presentations:

Monday-Friday 4 a.m.

Saturday & Sunday 5 p.m.


If you are not familiar with Fr. Robert McTeigue, S.J. and this program, you are missing out. Seeking to bringing Christ to the World and the World to Christ, Fr. McTeigue hosts guests with diverse backgrounds to shine a light on important topics occurring today.


This program is more than just a Catholic commentary on cultural issues. Fr. McTeigue, through his insightful and thought-provoking questions, encourages listeners to look at the world through a Catholic lens.


In addition to world and national issues that impact Catholics, he and his guests discuss issues relevant to personal faith and the liturgical year. We encourage you to listen live and also to use the dropdown menu to search for the following shows to help you on your Lenten journey:


  • “Fasting & Abstinence – What You need To Know” with Matthew Plese
  • “Straight Talk about Sin, Guilt and Shame”, Fr. McTeigue’s weekly topic
  • “The Endless Lent of Persecuted Christians” with Raymond Ibrahim
  • “Who Needs Another Lent?” with Dr. Scott Hahn



  1. Mother Miriam Live, Monday-Friday 10 a.m.

Encore Presentations:

Monday-Friday 11 p.m.

Sunday 10 a.m.


Mother Miriam of the Lamb of God is a no-nonsense, straight-shooter when it comes to talking about Catholic faith and American society. On a mission to bring hope to the world as well as joy, you will find a spiritual mother concerned about all her listeners everywhere.


When you listen on demand, you’ll find she typically addresses a few topics on one program. These headings are in the dropdown menu. You can also type keywords in the search box.


We think you will find these topics particularly helpful to focus your personal Lenten conversion to God:


  • “‘Meat Substitutes’ During Lent?”
  • “What’s the Deal with ‘Ash Wednesday’ Catholics?”
  • “Approaching the Lenten Season”
  • “The Mystery of Lent, Fasting and Abstinence”



  1. The Spirit World, Saturday 11 a.m.

Encore Presentation:

Tuesday 7 p.m.


Tuning in to a show that answers questions about angels and demons may not be on your list for Lent! However, this program also explores how the spiritual and physical worlds interact, and that makes it relevant.


Sometimes in our youth or ignorance we unwittingly dabble in or experiment with things that seem fun or harmless. But they could actually open a door for the enemy of our souls to enter.


As we prepare for Easter and continue our Lenten journey to be closer to Our Lord, we are encouraged to avail ourselves of the sacrament of Reconciliation. Listening to The Spirit World may give you insight into some things you were involved in that could be preventing you from making spiritual progress. You can take these to the confessional.


Not only that, occult and divination, necromancy and other practices are forbidden in Sacred Scripture. These types of things are sins against the 1st Commandment in that we want to know the future or control things that are under the jurisdiction of God.


If evil gained a foothold at some point in your life, confession, say many exorcists, is more powerful that an exorcism in restoring friendship with God. The Spirit World is aired weekly with an encore presentation. Clicking on the program’s webpage will also give you the opportunity to select previous episodes on demand.



Catholic Radio Supports Spiritual Growth Throughout the Liturgical Year


With the variety of programs and topics, The Station of the Cross invites you to take advantage of multiple opportunities to learn and grow your faith. You will also hear about local events in your community where you can connect with other like-minded Catholics.


We invite you to thestationofthecross.com where you can access the Community Calendar, listen online, and download our free iCatholicRadio mobile app.


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