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3 Ways Catholic Radio Can Help You Grow in Faith this Advent

Advent has sometimes been called “Little Lent” because of its penitential character of waiting in darkness with hope for the light of Christ and redemption. In Advent we wait in hope for the coming of Christ, in Lent we wait in hope for the resurrection. Both seasons also use variations of purple liturgical colors representing penance and royalty.


While Lent is longer, it doesn’t have as much of a secular counterpart as Advent. In the weeks leading up to Christmas it can be hard to maintain a spiritual focus on the “reason for the season”. That is where Catholic radio comes in. Here are three ways Catholic radio can help you grow in faith this Advent:


1. During Advent, Catholic Radio Can Help You Tuck Prayer Time Into Pockets of a Busy Schedule


A great thing about Catholic radio is not only the live programming, but the ability to listen to encore presentations and podcasts. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you where you can carve out time for prayer, then head over to The Station of the Cross’s Programming page.


  • Have a little time in the morning and evening? Pray the Liturgy of the Hours Morning Prayer and/or Night Prayer.
  • Or at 3 pm tune in to the Holy Hour with Office of Readings. This features the Divine Mercy Chaplet and Most Holy Rosary.
  • Perhaps you can put something aside as a penitential act and listen on demand to the Holy Mass.


Catholic radio provides many opportunities for prayer that meets your needs. Experiment and see what works for you.



2. Discover Inspiring Sermons on Catholic Radio This Advent


Our priests and bishops have the distinct calling to be leaders in parishes and dioceses, preaching the Word of God to foster growth in individuals and Christian communities. Sermons for Everyday Living  features inspiring sermons from knowledgeable and faith-filled priests.


You can find the show on The Station of the Cross Programming page, or Listen on Demand. While the shows are in keeping with the current season of the Liturgical Year, you can also use the search box to look for something in particular. Or you can scroll through a list and find sermons that align with upcoming feast days, memorials, and solemnities.



3. Programming is Naturally in Keeping with the Liturgical Year


There are many decisions you may be struggling to make on a daily basis, but finding something edifying to nurture your faith doesn’t have to be one of them. You can always trust Catholic radio to proclaim the Truth of Christ and the Catholic Church.


Seamlessly the programs and hosts align themselves to the seasons and feasts of the Liturgical Year.


Call-in shows frequently feature questions from people like you thinking about how to navigate the holidays with family and friends.


Programs like The Bishop Strickland Hour and Mother Miriam Live don’t just comment on what’s happening in society or the Church, but within the context of the Liturgical Year. And Fridays on The Catholic Current, Fr. McTeigue finishes the week with Weekend Readiness to prepare listeners for the upcoming Sunday Mass.



Join In the Fellowship and Evangelization of Catholic Radio


When you tune in to The Station of the Cross, you will automatically find food for your soul to prepare your heart for Jesus this Advent. Each Sunday, as we light another candle on the Advent Wreath, a little more light shines in the darkness. As we progress from Hope to Peace, Joy to Love, may our programs accompany you and equip you to share the Good News of Christ’s birth with others the Holy Spirit places in your path.


We invite you to listen daily on your local radio station, or on thestationofthecross.com. Don’t forget we also have the iCatholicRadio app for Apple and Android devices that you can download here.


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